SyrSpend® SF Family of Products

The SyrSpend® SF family of products is an innovative line of oral starch-based suspension vehicles. SyrSpend® SF vehicle’s patented Active Suspending Technology holds API particles in suspension and accelerates redistribution of suspended medication with a simple shake for more accurate dosing at each administration.

Our product line consists of SyrSpend® SF and SyrSpend® SF Alka suspending vehicles. SyrSpend® SF vehicle is a sugar-free suspending vehicle buffered to a pH of 4.2 for optimal compatibility with active pharmaceutical ingredients. SyrSpend® SF Alka vehicle is an easy-to-use powder for reconstitution that provides an alkaline environment for acid-labile drugs such as omeprazole. Our new Omeprazole & SyrSpend® SF Alka Cherry Kit offers all the tools to compound a stable (for 60 days) and palatable omeprazole suspension.

Benefits of SyrSpend® SF Vehicles:

• Convenient, all-in-one suspending vehicles
• Optimizes ease of administration, mouth feel and taste masking
• Ideal for individualized dosage regimens
• May be used for diabetic patients
• Extensive and growing database of stability data
• Produced in a cGMP facility with high-quality ingredients



Meticulous Ingredient Choice

The ingredients of SyrSpend® SF suspending vehicles are chosen meticulously. The osmolality of the starch-based SyrSpend® SF vehicle is low (<50 mOsm/kg), which helps to minimize GI upset and diarrhea. SyrSpend® SF vehicles are formulated without:
• Alcohol
• Parabens
• Sorbitol
• Carrageenan
• Sugars
• Gluten
• Dyes
• Glycerin
• Propylene glycol
• Benzyl alcohol

Use of SyrSpend® SF Vehicles

The SyrSpend® SF vehicles have been formulated without ingredients that may disturb patient sensitivities or may produce problematic effects. They are often used in the care of vulnerable patient groups, including:
• The elderly
• Hospitalized patients, (N)ICU patients and nasogastric tube-fed patients
• Diabetic patients
• Obese patients
• Gluten- and lactose- intolerant patients
• Patients with neurological conditions
• Patients on ketogenic diets
• Pediatrics: neonates, infants and children