Seraqua™ serum base is an ultra-light O/W serum base with an innovative and elegant formulation. It is ideal for application on the facial area. The presence of silicones guarantees hydration and skin protection without an occlusive effect. Seraqua™ serum base is specially designed to incorporate high concentrations of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and dermaceutical ingredients (DCIs). Due to its excellent spreadability, only a small dispensing quantity is required. This skin-friendly serum suits the needs of oily, balanced and dehydrated skin. Designed according to the latest insights into topical vehicle safety and tolerance, Seraqua™ serum base is formulated without harmful, obsolete and controversial ingredients.

Benefits of Seraqua™ serum base

  • Innovative hydrophilic serum base
  • Elegant, ultra-light skin feel
  • Especially recommended for facial area, including the eyebrows and eyelids
  • Excellent spreadability and readily vanishing
  • Hydration and skin protection without an occlusive effect 
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Especially suitable for oily, balanced, dehydrated skin and specific skin areas
  • Ideal compounding vehicle for a broad range of high concentrations of APIs and DCIs 
  • Simple three-step compounding process

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