Espumil™ Foam Base is an innovative, lipophilic foam base where the foam is generated by foam-activating dispenser. The unique delivery features of Espumil™ Foam Base assure the simple application of lipophilic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and dermaceutical ingredients (DCIs) on difficult-to-treat areas, such as hairy skin and the scalp, without dripping. Espumil™ Foam Base is an ideal and stable vehicle for the application of minoxidil and is especially suited to the needs of hairy skin. Espumil™ Foam Base design is based on the latest scientific insights about tolerance of ingredients used in dermatology and maximum solubility properties for lipophilic APIs and DCIs.


Fagron Advanced Derma

Fagron Advanced Derma offers a range of ready-to-use topical vehicles suitable for prescription compounding and advanced basic skin care in a single product. The vehicles provide excellent basic skin care properties with broad compatibility in compounding. For more information click here.

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